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Who is Farabi?


Farabi was born in 870 in Farab in Turkestan. He carried out studies on philosophy, mathematics, logic, political science, and music. He has a reputation as great as Aristo known as Muallim-i Evvel (The First Teacher) in the field of philosophy and called Muallim-i Sani (The Second Teacher). Farabi is known as “Alpharabius” in the Western world. He died in 950 in Damascus.


This information is obtained from the Farabi Exchange Handbook, prepared by Higher Education Council.


What is Farabi Exchange Program?


Farabi Exchange Program is a student and faculty exchange program between the institutions of higher education in Turkey. This program aims that students and faculty members continue their education activities in a higher education institution other than their own institutions for one semester or two semesters.


For further information regarding the implementation of Farabi Exchange Program, the relevant regulations (in Turkish) should be reviewed.


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